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MC4 Connector ip195
MC4 Branch Connector
MC3 Branch Connector
Tyco Connector


A pair of MC3 branch parallel connector

To connect 2 solar panels with MC3 connector in parallel

 Detail information of solar module MC3 branch connector:

·Simple on-site processing

·Mating safety provided by keyed housings

·Multiple plugging and unplugging cycles

·Accommodates PV cable with different insulation diameters

·High current carrying capacity




Technical Data

Rated current : 30A (2.5-6mm²)

Degree of protection: IP2*/IP67

Rated voltage:   1000V DC

Flame class  :  UL94-V0

Test voltage:     6000V(60Hz,1min)

Safety class:     II

Overvoltage category: CATIII

Temperature range: -40~+110

Contact resistance of plug connector: 1mΩ

Insertion force/withdrawal force: ≤50N/≥50N

Contact material: Copper, Tin Plated


Insulation material : PPO



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