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30A 12/24V Solar Charge Controller

SolarEngine 30A charge controller uses the 32 bit microprocessor to collect and compute various parameters. The LCD display provides the charging information of the solar panel and battery.


  • Intelligent PWM charge operation
  • User adjustable float charge voltage and charge off voltage for various battery types
  • Built-in temperature sensor for battery temperature compensation
  • Load on/off controlled by light sensitivity of the solar panel which can be set
  • Display voltage, current and battery state of charge
  • Display accumulative charge and discharge in AH
  • Over-current, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Battery reverse current protection



Max. charge current
Max. load current 30A
Max. voltage of solar panel <=50V
Battery system voltage 12V/24V auto detect
Stop charge voltage Default 14.4V/28.8V(adjustable 8V-35V)
Float charge voltage Default 13.6V/27.2V (adjustable 8V-35V
No load losses current <=15mA
Working temperature -25oC - +60oC
Max. cable size #8 AWG
Protection grade IP30
Dimension 143 x 77 x 40 mm


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